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caracal kitten
age: 3 months
Name: Gabby Joe
Gender: Male
vaccines: up to date
Temperament: calm, playful, affectionate, intelligent, gentle, accommodating, clean, runner


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To order caracal  kitten online, Beautiful African Caracal Kittens Available. Hand Raised And Super Sweet. Our Kittens Are Fully Domesticated, House-Train To Excrete In The Litter Box And Switched From Bottle-Feeding To Meat, Fish And Poultry.

Although they are call ‘desert lynx’, Caracals Caracal caracal for sale have longer legs, a more slender body, and the tail is considerably longer than true lynx. They also lack the ruff of hairs around the face which are so predominant in the northern cats. Melanistic Caracals have been reported, though only rarely.

The word Caracal means ‘black ears’ in Turkish. Large, tapering ears with five cm erect tufts of black hair, used for communication, are the most unique feature of this cat.

Black-back ears, dark spots on both sides of the muzzle, black spots above the eyes and a black stripe from the eye to the nose break up an otherwise uniform tawny-brown to brick-red coloring. Eyes are large and yellow brown. The short, dense coat is slightly longer and whiter on the underside. Females are smaller than the males.

About the Pets we sale here.

The Caracal is a feline that is a lot less reactive than the savannah. Brimming with energy, they are a bit nervous and very curious, and wants to be involved in everything. They love being in high places, where they could sometimes like to carry their meals; just like the Caracal.

They need plenty of mental and physical stimulation in order to satisfy their high intelligence and spend their high energy level.

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