What You Need To Know about Caracat Kitens

The caracat kittens Cattery is a small family based Cattery located in very heart of Europe, Bilston WV14 0SJ ,UK.We have been raising & breeding caracat and caracal kittens since 2007, so working with caracat and caracal was not only a passion of mine from the start, it was a seemless next step. The caracat kittens cattery is a large family in which caracat , caracal and humans exist together in friendly environment . Our kittens grow and live with us, in constant communication with humans. Our cats are highly socialized and human orientation. We do not chase the quantity, because the more cats, the less attention is paid to them.

Kittens in our cattery grow directly with us, we do not involve strangers in the upbringing and care. caracat kittens Cattery is a family cattery. Our cattery specializes in breeding the rarest cats breed Caracat, and Caracal. The caracat kittens Cattery is one of the few catties which managed to breed a unique cats, real treasure of the cats world – caracat and caracal.

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we have had much success, but also made many mistakes over the years, and we believe this experience has been very valuable in me evolving to the place where we are today. we have also learned a great deal from other breeders, and have been able to share things as well, so we cannot forget to mention this. If you are looking for just a simple caracat and caracal  kittenswe are sure we can help, so do not hesitate to contact me.