What You Need To Know Before You buy caracat kitten f1 online.

Before you buy caracat kitten f1 online buy caracat kitten f1 online. This animal is a hibrid feline resulting from a Caracal parent and a domestic cat. This hybridation is relatively new, with less than 100 F1 in the world, and with only a handfull of breeders. The Caracat kitten conserves the caracteristics of it’s Caracat parent .

fur instaead of hair, large high and triangular ears, a brush of hair at the ears’ end (shorter though). Large paws, a triangular face, black and white markings on the head and face, and a short tail.

This Animal don’t make good pets because they are wild animals and opportunistic hunters. They are better off living in their natural habitat because they love to roam, run, jump, and hunt a wide variety of prey.

Because caracals aren’t a domesticated breed, keeping them housed as pets suppresses their wild instincts. To order caracat kitten online or Caracat kitten for sale contact our team made of Caracat experts breeders.

Description and Behavior of  caracat kitten.

The F1 generation, i.e. direct offspring of a Caracal and domestic cat, is mostly made up of cats of above-average size. They often have the exotic pattern of a Caracal and coveted lynx tufts. Since there is currently no targeted Caracat breeding, there is also no standard describing the cats’ appearance.

The Caracal is a feline that is a lot less reactive than the savannah. Brimming with energy, they are a bit nervous and very curious, and wants to be involved in everything.


They love being in high places, where they could sometimes like to carry their meals; just like the Caracal. They need plenty of mental and physical stimulation in order to satisfy their high intelligence and spend their high energy level.

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